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Krazy Kat January 21st 1922

Posted by clissold345 on December 23, 2014

The photo shows panels 1 and 5 from the strip published on January 21st 1922. This strip was one of a small number of experimental colour strips published in 1922. Quoting Krazy Kat I’m going to call it the “Door Mice” strip. (The mouse is not Ignatz. He’s presumably a cousin of Ignatz. Ignatz appears (brick ready to hand) at the end of the strip.) Krazy Kat is concerned that such a small and delicate creature is carrying round “a door so heavy with weight”. He/she knocks at the door and enters the mouse’s non-existent house to point out politely that (amongst other defects) the door “lacks the very very essentials of helpfulness”. In the last panel the mouse raises the door above his head to block the brick thrown (as usual) from the hand of Ignatz. Krazy Kat does not notice.


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