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A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1959)

Posted by clissold345 on April 3, 2009

Here is my summary of A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1959) directed by Jiri Trnka:

Dawn breaks. Lysander courts Hermia (dark-haired). Demetrius arrives to visit Hermia. Lysander and Demetrius fight over Hermia. Lysander uses his flute instead of a sword. Theseus orders Hermia to marry Demetrius. Athens prepares to celebrate the wedding of Theseus and Hippolyta. Hermia and Lysander run away to the forest. Demetrius follows them and Helena (light-haired) follows Demetrius.

The artisans rehearse Pyramus and Thisbe. They are disturbed by other rehearsals and leave town in order to rehearse in peace in the forest. Oberon tries to make love to Titania but she refuses. Oberon sends Puck to fetch a magic flower. The flower grows out of a broken column. It has power over snails, statues and sheep.

Oberon watches the artisans arrive in the wood, then Lysander and Hermia, then Demetrius and Helena. Puck mistakenly puts a spell on Lysander (instead of Demetrius). Titania sleeps. Oberon frightens away her attendants. Puck separates Bottom from the other artisans and casts a spell to give him the head of a donkey. Oberon puts a spell on Titania. Titania falls in love with Bottom. Titania’s attendants pamper Bottom.

Puck puts a spell on Demetrius so that he loves Helena. Demetrius and Lysander fight. Puck prevents them from hurting each other. Puck tires out the four lovers until they unknowingly fall asleep side by side. Puck gives Lysander the antidote. Oberon gives Titania the antidote. Titania falls into Oberon’s arms. Dawn breaks. Oberson, Titania and their attendants retreat. Oberon reminds Puck to take the donkey’s head off Bottom.

Thesues and Hippolyta, out hunting, stumble on the sleeping lovers. Hermia’s father spares Lysander. The wedding celebrations start. (There are now three weddings to celebrate not one.) The artisans perform Pyramus and Thisbe, which is poor until Puck transforms it into something magical. Oberon orders Puck to stop meddling. Puck puts all the mortals to sleep. Oberon and Titania and their attendants drink a toast to the three couples.

(The photo shows Oberon, the magic flower, and the sleeping Titania.)


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