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Shady Subjects

Posted by clissold345 on June 5, 2008

Certain subjects, such as the playing of encrypted dvds on a computer, the locking of mobile phones, and (in the UK) the activities of TV license inspectors, seem to be shady, that is, they seem disreputable and it is difficult to gather precise information about them.

I want to provide a snippet of precise information about the locking of mobile phones (locking them so that they only work on one network). If a network sells you a cheap phone I think it is reasonable for them to lock the phone to their network until they have recouped the cost of the phone, and made some profit on top. However, I think that once the cost of the phone is recouped it should be straightforward, and free, for the owner to get the phone unlocked.

If you buy a second-hand mobile phone and find it is locked (locked to the wrong network) what do you do? One possibility is to take it to one of the independent phone shops, who for a fee will unlock it. I believe that virtually any mobile phone that has been on sale for a year or two can be unlocked (regardless of the network).


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