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550 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail

Posted by clissold345 on October 28, 2007

Three days ago an email that I tried to send to a Hotmail address was twice rejected by Hotmail with the message “550 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail for policy reasons. A block has been placed against your IP address …”.

Apparently the reason for this message is that Hotmail has decided that my email service (Lycos webmail) is not being tough enough on spammers. Presumably Hotmail is calculating that the more Lycos emails that it rejects, the more complaints Lycos will receive from their users, and eventually Lycos will be tougher on spammers.

In the meantime I, who have never spammed, cannot send emails from Lycos to Hotmail.


13 Responses to “550 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail”

  1. Anna said

    What you describe is exactly my problem, I use lycos as mail account too.
    But is there anything we can do – except setting up a new mail account and waiting for it to be blocked ??

  2. Hi Anna, no I don’t think there’s much you can do. You could set up a new email account at Yahoo or Googlemail or another email provider, but Hotmail might start to reject email from that provider too.

  3. reject said

    Yes, i can confirm mail from yahoo is currently being rejected by hotmail.
    The same hotmail who forced their customers onto a new unfamiliar email layout to help promote their wares better(ie spaces,messenger,live(msn search)search, etc.)
    The same microsoft who are also now including unauthorised linked adverts to hotmail users outgoing emails….dohhh!!!How many of those will get blocked by security concious people not wanting links in their mails!

  4. reject said

    <wondering if hotmail has an issue with links in emails coming in….hilarious since it forces a linked advert onto outgoing email, so all the replys would be screwed, unless they have whitelisted microsoft links, and all others are kicked???
    <searches for option to get rid of outbound ads….and thinks that this will be a paid option….any ideas?

  5. Jud said

    I’ll bet if you get a hotmail account it will go through fine. I have one that I don’t use much, but I’m beginning to see that this might be a ploy to get more accounts.

  6. Holger said

    Now it has hit Germany it seems. I have just two mail addresses. Yahoo and GMX. GMX is one of the bigger mail providers in Germany. Now I can’t reach hotmailaddresses anymore. Neither of those two works.
    But my partners also can’t reach me from their hotmail accounts. That’s the biggest problem for me.
    Do hotmail user get a mail, that they didn’t deliver their mails??! I have the feeling they think everything is fine. 😦

  7. Hi Holger, I think you’re right: when Hotmail rejects an email, Hotmail doesn’t inform the person that the email was addressed to. So if you’re sending legitimate emails, the Hotmail user won’t know they’re not getting your emails (unless you contact them by some alternative means – send them a snailmail postcard?).

  8. Holger said

    Well, there are always other working Email addresses, I hope or Hotmail does only accept hotmail mails one day. 🙂
    But actually I was wondering, whether a hotmail user gets a notification if he sends an email, which won’t be delivered. If I send an Email to hotmail, which doesn’t work, of course mailer_daemon informs me about it. But what email would a hotmail user possibly get? “I am Hotmail, I know what’s best for you, I don’t deliever emails as you like. I am Hotmail, I am so hot, I burn your mails to virtual ashes, if I like to.” Of course they can’t send such a mail. There’s simply no reason, why they shouldn’t deliver a mail. So I guess the hotmail user just doesn’t know his mail wasn’t send and vanished into the nirvana.

  9. JAP said

    This problem seems to continue happening in 2009 with GMX accounts, it just seems as if Micro$oft still has no intention to learn from its competitors. One thing we can do is inform our email providers about this issue so they force M$ into rethinking about their useless policies (which of course also affect hotmail users), and personally send a complain through windows live hotmail feedback (http://cfm.v4.msn.com/irtweb/feedback/feedback.aspx?clientid=37&nodeid=316&pagesource=en-gb&version=m3&productkey=wlmail).

  10. Diego said

    Same problem here with gmx

    The problem appear when my girlfriend accidentally deleted my gmx account from her MSN account.

    Now I cannot mail her… 😦

    Hi. This is the qmail-send program at mail.gmx.net.
    I’m afraid I wasn’t able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
    This is a permanent error; I’ve given up. Sorry it didn’t work out.


  11. Ronald said


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    […]550 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail « Enthusiasms[…]…

  13. florida said


    […]550 Mail rejected by Windows Live Hotmail « Enthusiasms[…]…

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