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The Waterseller

Posted by clissold345 on December 31, 2006

In The Waterseller by Velazquez the focus of attention is the glass (with a shadowy fig in it to sweeten the water). The hands of the waterseller and the boy almost touch on the stem of the glass and they look past each other. My eye is also drawn to the boy’s crisp white collar and to the two earthenware vessels (the larger vessel has three drops of water on it). In the current state of the picture the drinker in the background is (thankfully) much less visible than in the photo given here.


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Resume Download with KTorrent

Posted by clissold345 on December 12, 2006

This short note applies to KTorrent 2.0.3. I had to reinstall Ubuntu and KTorrent and I wanted to resume an incomplete download. By default KTorrent creates a folder containing the files in a torrent, so in order to resume the download, when you’ve searched for and found the torrent file, you save the torrent to the folder containing the folder containing the incomplete download.

For example, if the incomplete download is in /videos/myfilm, save the torrent to /videos, then KTorrent will resume the download (which is what I wanted). If you save the torrent to /videos/myfilm, KTorrent will create a new folder /videos/myfilm/myfilm and will download from scratch (which is not what I wanted).

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Room A at the National Gallery

Posted by clissold345 on December 1, 2006

Room A at the National Gallery in London contains hundreds of close-packed pictures. These are the reject pictures, the ones that the gallery doesn’t have space to display elsewhere. If I look at these pictures I have to make up my own mind about them. The labels don’t tell me what to think. Crowds of tourists don’t direct me to the masterpieces amongst them. It’s thought-provoking to see a Botticelli displayed beside a “Workshop of Botticelli”? Can I see why the second has been labelled “Workshop of Botticelli”? In Room A you’ll also find paintings by Signorelli, Sebastiano del Piombo, Sodoma, Honthorst, Hooch, and many others.

One of my favourite pictures in Room A is “The Story of Papirius” by Domenico Beccafumi. The figures are often lively and graceful, there are strong contrasts of light and shade under the arch, and the trees are strangely fragile.

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