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Grub Stops Working

Posted by clissold345 on November 14, 2006

Suppose that you have linux and another operating system (e.g. Windows) installed on your PC. You normally start your PC using Grub (Grand Unified Bootloader). Then one day Grub stops working. The instructions below give one possible way of fixing the problem.

Grub consists of two stages: stage1 and stage2. I assume Grub stage1 was installed on the first partition of your hard drive and Grub stage2 is installed on your linux partition. I assume that the problem with Grub is that Grub stage1 is corrupt or has been overwritten.

Boot your PC from a linux rescue cd (the cd needs to have a copy of grub on it). I used System Rescue Cd.

At the command prompt enter:


to start the Grub command shell.

To find which partition is your linux partition enter:

find /boot/grub/stage1

To set the Grub root device to be your linux partition enter:

root (hd0,x)

where “(hd0,x)” is the partition name output by the previous command. On my computer the linux partition is (hd0,6).

To reinstall Grub stage1 enter:

setup (hd0)

To quit the Grub command shell enter:


To reboot your PC enter:

shutdown -r now

Remove the linux rescue cd from the cd drive. Your PC should now reboot using Grub (just as it did before the problem occurred).

Note: The above instructions work for System Rescue Cd version 0.2.19


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